Travis on the issues

Representative Clardy was proud to help pass legislation during the 88th Session and subsequent special sessions that were priorities of conservative voters from across the state and helped strengthen Texas’s economy, local communities, and families.
Securing the Border

Texas, as a sovereign state, has the inherent authority to protect its citizens and enforce its own borders. The Biden administration has deliberately and systematically undone Republican border security and immigration policies. Now, Texas faces an invasion of illegal immigrants, many bring illegal drugs, crime, and a burden to Texas taxpayers. To combat this crisis, in the 88th Legislative Session, I voted to allocate a historic amount -- $5.1 billion – to secure Texas’ border with Mexico. I also supported legislation that increased penalties for crimes related to the manufacture and distribution of fentanyl and human trafficking. While these measures are continued steps in the right direction, the state must do more to protect its people and their property from the lawlessness of our southern border and I will continue to be a strong voice for state border security operations.

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Cutting Property Taxes

Bringing meaningful and lasting property tax relief to Texas property owners and taxpayers is a priority for me. In the 88th Texas Legislative Session, I sponsored Senate Bill 2 which provided the largest property tax cut in history – an $18 billion total package. It’s a victory for all 5.7 million Texas homeowners. One of the key elements to providing lasting tax relief for property owners is eliminating the maintenance and operations(M&O) portion of local school taxes, which is roughly half of your annual tax bill. As your state representative, I will continue the work we began in2021 on this, and have continued with Senate Bill 2, to fully eliminate M&O and ensure that no one is taxed out of their home or business by their local governments.

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Protecting Individual Freedoms, Life, and the 2nd Amendment

As your State Representative, I have always advocated for individual freedoms. From my unwavering support for pro-life initiatives to my commitment to preserving our Second Amendment rights, I firmly believe in defending the principles that make our nation strong. Standing against heavy-handed government intervention, I supported SB 29 to eliminate COVID mandates that infringe upon personal liberty and hinder economic growth. Texas must remain a beacon of freedom, where citizens are empowered to make their own choices and pursue their own dreams without unnecessary government intervention—all while respecting our foundational right to life and our right to keep and bear arms.

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Supporting Local Schools and Schoolchildren

Education is the cornerstone of our society, and we must invest in our schools to provide students with the resources they need to succeed. By allocating adequate funds to local education, we ensure that teachers have the tools to inspire and educate the next generation and that kids have the materials and facilities they need to learn in a safe environment.I firmly believe that by supporting our teachers with competitive salaries, professional development opportunities, and prioritizing classroom needs, we enhance the quality of education for all Texas students and ensure that the next generation of leaders is maximizing their God-given talents and learning to think critically in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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Growing Opportunities for Stephen F. Austin State University

A highlight of my work in the 88th Legislative Session was passing SB 1055 (HB 2639), the bill that paved the way for Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA) to join the esteemed University ofTexas System, becoming the system’s 14th member university. This historic development marks a significant milestone in the growth and advancement of SFA as the university celebrates its centennial anniversary and100 years of service to the people of East Texas, as well as the state and nation. The move will bring numerous benefits to both SFA and UT and the students and communities they serve. One of the standout perks of this partnership is an additional $1 million going towards the Purple Promise Program, which will allow another 1,200 students to attend SFA tuition-free. I am thrilled to witness the positive impact this collaboration will have on SFA, its students, and House District 11 where together we will foster innovation, excellence, and opportunity for years to come.

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